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Emigrants Association

The Emigrants’ Association of Lysos was founded in 1984 by the expatriates of the community.


  1. To develop and strengthen even further the ties of the expatriates who originate from Lysos to their birthplace and Cyprus in general.
  2. To achieve closer cooperation between the expatriates of Lysos around the world and their compatriots in Cyprus.
  3. To inform the expatriates upon the existing situation in Cyprus, about their needs and problems and about the role each one, either individually or as a group, could play in curing or solving them.
  4. To develop initiative and cooperation with the competent land and other local authorities and the residents and associations of the village in order to promote demands and solutions to the problems faced by the community of Lysos.
  5. To systematize and reinforce the efforts for the development and progress of the village by carrying into effect the necessary infrastructure works to exploit the village as a model country resort or as a permanent place to live. Also, to complete projects for the growth of production and the economy of the village. 
  6. To reinforce every effort for educational and spiritual movement in the village.
  7. To make efforts in maintaining the old folkways and to preserve the existing monuments of cultural heritage.
  8. To issue informative and other enlightening bulletins or publications to inform the expatriates about the problems and news of the village and to project matters that concern the village and the expatriates.
  9. Generally, to project the village and to achieve the prosperity, progress and development of Lysos.

President: Marios Stylianou - tel. 99415711
Secretary: Stalo leonidou - tel. 99962464
Cashier: Kostas Konstantinou - tel. 99213130
Members: Marios Theodorou, George Savva, Elena Trifyllis, Agathi Papamarkou

Communication Address
Emigrants’ Association of Lysos
Char. Mouskou 20
8010 Pafos

 January 2021 
Community Council of Lysos
8800, Lysos
Tel: 26352105
Fax: 26352383
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