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Natural Environment

Lyssos, a village of exquisite beauty, stands at a distance of 9 kilometers northeast of Paphos dense forest. Its wealthy flora and fauna compose the natural environment of Lyssos. Its largest part is covered by forest and wild vegetation.

Nature bestowed Lyssos with its most beautiful colors and scents, since wild vegetation, mostly pine trees, cedars and several kinds of flowers decorate the village. Lyssos is undoubtedly wonderful during spring, when wild flowers, such as orchids blossom.

Lyssos, as mentioned earlier, is not only characterized by its flora but also by its fauna, which consists of rare kinds of birds and reptiles. This is the place to see Cyprus Moufflons, a kind of wild goat that only lives in the forest of Paphos, hares and foxes, carrions, peacocks, owls, sparrows and many more visitant birds.

One can explore and admire the natural beauty of Lyssos by taking, following the Nature Trails. It would be very good to combine this walk with a stop at the local tavern or coffee-shop for a drink and a snack. There are also a few local accommodation facilities as well as a beautiful hotel built with local stone which will cause your enthusiasm.

Wild vegetation is combined with cultivated land. Vineyards, locust trees, fruit-bearing trees, citrus, legume, grain and several kinds of vegetables are cultivated in Lyssos.

Lyssos Community Council
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 January 2021 
Community Council of Lysos
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