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EOKA Hideouts
In the region of Lyssos, there is one lair and four hideouts. The lair is found easterly of the mountain "Profertzis'", around 100 meters lower from the top and dominates in the region of Agios Merkourios. From the top of mountain somebody could see almost all the around region and during the Fight, it could watch all the movements of the enemy.

The first hideout was found westwards, at the foot of "Profertzis", 500 meters above from the church of Agioi Pantes, property of unforgettable fighter and monk Artemios. The orifice of the hideout was closed with a bush.
The second hideout was found in the orchard of Spyros Raftis, in a bramble, roughly 300 metres from the church of Saint George.
The third hideout is found in the locality "Kathikas", in the field of Christos Popis. This hideout was closed with a lid and it was found under the ground. The hideout was manufactured by rebels and was accommodated by the householder of the field and father of the unforgettable rebel fighter, George Christou Popi. From this hideout it began the guerrilla team, in order to fight the English troops of possession in ambush, at the location "Lofos", that abstains one kilometer from Lysos. The ambush took place on 5 October 1958. In this ambush the following rebels took part:

George Gavriel Steniotis "Kimon" from Steni
Savvas Christofi "Vladis" from Steni
Savvas Charalambous "Koursaros" from Steni
Andreas Christofi "Lontos" from Steni
Aristotelis Savva "Karaiskakis" from Steni
Loizos Zacharia "Kolokotronis" from Polemi
Georgios Christou "Popis" from Lysos
Iosif Michael From Lysos

Feeders of all the fighters in the area were the following

Monk Artemios
The family of Spyros Raftis
The family of Christos Popis
The family of Iosif Michael

Iosif Michael was the person to connect the teams of Lyssos with Paphos. In the hideouts of "Vatos" and " Agioi Pantes" were living the following rebels:

Georgios Raftis (Group leader)
Evagoras Pallikarides
Antonis Kalogirou
Savvas Papaefstathiou
George Gavriel Steniotis
Savvas Petrides
Savvas Christofi
Evangelos Christofi
Savvas Charalambous
Andreas Philippides
Andreas Christofi
Loizos Zacharia
Panicos Michaelides

The fourth hideout was found in the house of Michael Nikolaou in Lysos. In this hideout they resided the following:

Demetris Constantinides - Group Leader
George Christou Popis, from Lyssos
Andreas Michael from Lyssos and others.

Source of Information: George Gavriel

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